March 22, 2009
The skies darken

As the sun dies

Up in the heavens

The angels cry.

The earth burns

In the flames of hell

This day would come

Who could tell?

Love is scarce

Evil is plenty.

Demons are more

And people are scanty.

Children sleep hungry,

Tired and naked.

The devil rules the world

So evil and so wicked.

Our brave heroes now

Commit murders.

Seeing their wickedness

My heart shudders.

The gods we preached

Have run away into hiding.

In their homes

The devil is residing.

Tears of blood filled my eyes,

My mind was filled with aghast.

I wished, I just wished

That this nightmare would not last.

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starrloves said...
Jan. 3, 2010 at 4:27 pm
this was intriguing, i like it. the imagery was wonderful. good job :)
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