I Want to Forget

March 22, 2009
I want to forget but can’t seem to let go
I need to improve and move on this I know
It was fast, it was fun but it’s all over now
I want the feelings occurring would stop, but how?
I want something great, something fun, something new
I wish I had the strength to say this to you
I will not let my past effect the present, my now
Any further pain caused by you, I cannot allow
So goodbye my old flame, for now is where we part
I’ve finally had time to take back my heart
Who knows what will happen with me or with you
All that matters now is the fact that we’re through
You won’t cause me pain, or damage my life
No more everyday attachments or turning the knife
It’s over its done the memories have become few
Just remember at night that it’s no longer you

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