March 21, 2009
I want it to be seen, just my point of view.
My feelings have turned green and my thoughts a darkened blue.
The things I feel inside make little sense to me, they're things I’ve never felt before and colors I never see.

When I gaze upon the source that makes my colors change, I cannot help but feel remorse and sometimes even strange.

There are opportunities laid before me yet I seem to be held back.
I know I have the ability, but my strength has turned to black.

I want it in, I want it out, and this turns me black and blue.
It also fills my head with doubt which changes colors too.

I want to see, I want to feel, all the brighter colors again.
But all the darks on a wheel that keeps spinning in my head.

I’m sick of the colors being red, blue, black, and green.
All I want is the spinning to end and my point of view be seen.

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