Anger through my HEART

March 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Im sittin her wondering where life is gonna take me
Is it really the SKY IS THE LIMIT?
This is just one of the million and one questions that soar through
my mind.
It seem like just yesterday when we were remenicing about the old times
and how we wished things could be the same but at the end of the day
I was the one being fooled.
I sat here and told you my inner most deepest feelings that I would never tell another living soul.
Yet you sit there mocking me like a freak at a circus.
How could you lead me on to think that there could be more than what is was.
To make matters worst. I too was being deceitful. I was about to walk out of a long-term relationship for you.
The one I told I loved evry night sat ther believing every words that i said not once questioning my heart because i hid it so well.
That day was just the test of love.
Then i realized, you are now the same person i talked to in the seventh grade, whereas i am almost a graduate frm high school, moving on with my life.
No longer do i have time for these games, but I am moving on With my Heart, My soul, My evrything

The author's comments:
This is something that I wrote after finding out some information that really bothered me at that point of time

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