In all of my Misery

March 21, 2009
By blackroseless GOLD, Kirkwood, Missouri
blackroseless GOLD, Kirkwood, Missouri
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In all of my misery,
my sweet, sweet, sad misery,
there is always a light in the tunnel
awaiting me at the end.
Though not always clear
moslty hidden by doubt
I strive to feel it's presence.
I sense it.
I feel it.
But cannot see it 'til the end
where the light would belong.

In all of my misery,
my beautiful, beautiful, hideous misery
I weep tears of pain and lose thoughts of joy
My life is an abyss
Draining my energy
My soul,
and I feel it.
I can't see it,
but feel it,
and I sense it.
The dark abyss tries to swallow the light
but I reach out

And this light
I will reach it
One day
I will take it in my hands,
and push it to my heart,
never to release it again.

The abyss will close
and I will be whole.

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