March 21, 2009
By blackroseless GOLD, Kirkwood, Missouri
blackroseless GOLD, Kirkwood, Missouri
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I am your dark side
I am your weakness
I am your kryptonite, as it were,
and you can not destroy me.

There is no light without the dark
and I am the night that lurks through your day
I am the nightmares that rattle your sleep
I am the voices whispering
murmuring horrible things in your dreams.

I am the reason your life is wrong
It's my special present, for it's my job
To remind you what you could have had
but don't.
Life's a bitch, ain't it, junior?

And you will learn suffering
You will know pain like nothing else
You will endure the suffering I did
and become nothing more than me...

A phantom of your soul.

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