Closed Doors

March 21, 2009
By blackroseless GOLD, Kirkwood, Missouri
blackroseless GOLD, Kirkwood, Missouri
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Do you ever wonder whats coming from behind those closed doors?
Have you ever been so curious, so tempted...
No. I have to stop. I have to stop now.
Temptation is the Devils emotion she fills us with to toy with us.
To make us hers eternally at heart.
I refuse.
But, there have things I've always wanted..
There is always temptation...
There is no avoidance...
No. This isn't me takling. It's her.
It's my demons.
It's my damnable temptation.
My Lust.
My Greed.
My Envy.
My Wrath.
My Sloth.
My Pride.
My Gluttony.

What else is there left but the temptation to try unimaginable things no one has sought
To eat forbidden fruit.
To love another.
To steal whats yours.

No. I refuse to be tempted by evil.
I will stand strong,
No matter the difficulty...

Though I am tempted to fall to see behind those closed doors...

The author's comments:
Doesn't flow the best, but I love it anyway.

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