March 21, 2009
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Being bored is nothing fun.
Everything seems dull.
Nothing is interesting.
We think, 'why is there no entertainment to please me?'
But maybe being bored is our own faults.
No! Could it be?
Yes, there's always a book that wants to be read,
a story that only you can write,
or music that you will enjoy.
So next time you're feeling bored, think of this;
friends are only a phone call away.
Books are right there on the shelf.
Pencils and paper are easy to find.
And with your mind there are no limits.

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Mary A. said...
Apr. 12, 2009 at 6:43 pm
hi my name is Mary Ann. You comment on my story strange and, you're like the first person to comment. anyway love the poem. really kinds of helps me when i'm bored. anyway ur fav show is tottaly monk. i love monk. i heard that next season is the last. :(
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