Pandora's Box

March 21, 2009
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tarnished man's world forever.
Pandora's box was the quintessence of tantalization.
A beautiful, shining, golden box.
All the world's tempations
Condensed to a small wooden box.
She suffered from her
Back-handed gift.
Hera was cruel indeed!
Foolishly she spent
Long hours in a dreaming state.
Wealth? Power?
Her curiousity was the
Deadliest sin of all.
It plagued her, until
Very eagerly she
Creaked open the monster...

Man's evils gushed out!
Seeping to Earth's four corners.
A dark, dark truth settled over man.
Suddenly then,
Hope floated out.
A gleaming smile, innocently delivered.
She thrives on embers in us all.

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