Life Goes On

March 21, 2009
By Shibahime GOLD, Cedar City, Utah
Shibahime GOLD, Cedar City, Utah
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I wonder why,
as the earth goes round,
another person isn't found.
And people hate and lie and cheat,
and to each other badly treat.
We often find ourselves upon,
a sad and hopeless, gloomy song.
But life goes on, life goes on.

All the bad things you might see,
happens right there on TV.
With the news and C.S.I,
i just wonder why.
Another voice lost in among the drone,
because people all act like drones.
They say be quiet,
Don't cause a riot.
The things we lose we don't find.
But life goes on, life goes on.

While mother natures at her worst,
like a loop in time
the path of destruction is like a curse,
or the clock rewinds.
While the war drags on and on,
millions of cars turned into broken toys
and London turns into a bomb,
shattering the world by little boys.
All living things coming down with diseases,
makes you wonder about the turning seasons.
But life goes on, life goes on.

The author's comments:
I wrote this to show people not to turn a blind eye to things in life.

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