Road Trip

April 3, 2009
By Kimmieone GOLD, Solingen, Florida
Kimmieone GOLD, Solingen, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
There's a little truth in every JK.
There's a little curiousity in every JW.
There's a little knowledge in every IDK.
There's a little emotion in every IDC.

Tell them to look up.
Tell them to remember the stars.

The warm summer breath stroked our still warm skins
When I took his hand into mine.
They matched perfectly.
With intertwining hands he didn’t still look at me.
My heart was singing its own beat,
quicker and quicker.
The sun went down quiet and alone,
but we knew,
That we would saw her sunshine again.
The sunshine, that would stroke and heat
our skin again.
His clammy handshake evoqued his feelings,
the pressure from the last day
rested on our backs.
When he turned his face to me,
I saw in his innocent eyes,
His mouth slightly open,
But the words still didn’t come out.
And then we sat there,
On the rockies
wich told us their nerverending stories
from the vast and the past.
Like our story.
We lived through the day for the most of the past days.
Just us.
Just we both in the rockies
Next to the dessert.
And it was a good life,
a better life than we would have at home.
My heart was singing again,
with the same old beat.
I wanted to tell him everything.
About my feelings,
About all that stuff that happened before,
About our future
And all these thing,
And about his eyes,
I was so much in love with.
About his mouth,
Smiling his innocent
And broken smile.
About his hands,
And his guarding handshake.
And about the us,
And the me,
And the he,
And the we…
And then,
Then he spoken out
All these thoughts,
With his eyes,
His mouth and hands.
I let it happened,
I wanted it.
I reached for it.
Like people reached for the stars.
We didn’t talk.
We just sat there,
As he hold me in his arms,
A slightly evening breath
Stroked our skin again,
As we looked in each other eyes,
And told us,
That this would never end.

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