I Only Know

December 4, 2017
By Anonymous

Odd people
They’re in the sky
They glide and float
Way up high
But they’re people nonetheless
With a purpose to impress
They never stay in one place for too long

You and I know these people
As clouds
Giant clouds
Tiny clouds
White clouds
Red clouds
Everything they are

And do

And is


Just clouds


They glide carefree up in the sky
Like tiny kites composed of whites
It’s rather nice to see them there
Floating high without a care

At night
They’re especially bright
When the sun dips slowly below the ground
And the silvery moon is finally found
All are cozy
All are warm
Huddled together to take new form
A beautiful picture composed of hues
Of yellows, reds, oranges and blues

They have families of proper
With a father and mother
One son, the eldest
And youngest
A daughter
All are close
Binded by a tight-knit
I think you all know it
Something real
Something lovely

A Relationship

Now wouldn’t that be fun
If all, not just one
Of cloud people families
Avoided all tragedies
And were happy
And joyful
For the rest of their lives
And continued floating on
Together as one

Yet they are people
People of clouds
And clouds are moved
And I quite disapprove
Of the the treatment they’ve endured
By the disgusting





As they are together up there
Flying, floating without a care
No one quite realizes the deep despair
That each family endures
When the wind
Picks up

They latch on to each other
Mother to Father
And Father to daughter
And brother
He sees their struggle
Of Sister, Father, and Mother
And decides if he latches on
Only more pain would be brought upon
This lovely, proper cloud family

The wind howls and screams
As cloud brother leaves
His once proper family of four
A family of three
He’s taken by the wind
The sky
Now dimmed
Cloud brother floats on
In hesitant rejoice
He made the right choice

Cloud Sister shrieks
Cloud Mother cries
All the while
Cloud father says his goodbyes
As his son is taken by the wind

It’s better this way
And they all know it
He’s going to survive
He’s going to grow up
He’s going to start his own little life
Up in the sky
Maybe start his own proper cloud family

Still, it’s not that much fun
Knowing that this once tight-knit relationship of four
Is over and done
For nothing will quite be the same you see
In this now tiny
Cloud family
Of three

And this is the reason
Of why some clouds
Are bigger
And some are smaller
And some are stuck
In between

For the bigger clouds you see
Have not faced this tragedy
They’re happy and joyfull
And do not know
Why us inbetweens float so slow

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