Nature's Bride

November 30, 2017
By alexbeespin BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
alexbeespin BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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I kneel by the whispering fire
And I look into the flames, speaking my desire
And i sit and i think about life
Praying we stay young, our minds never tire

The fire knows all of my strife
And the moon glistens off my knife
And the sun knows all of my pain
I am destined to be nature’s wife

As the wind whistles past like a train
My consciousness starts to drain
And the flames begin to flare
Yet i stay awake in vain

I am covered in a warm blanket of air
And the firelight lessens its glare
I will trust in all of its choices
Oh Nature, we make a lovely pair

The author's comments:

Inspired by transcendentalism

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