November 29, 2017
By Emily Simon SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
Emily Simon SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
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I find society broken,
Wasted and gone.
When people just stare
Sneer and look on.

At school or the streets
Sneers and smiled await.
From onlookers who vary
but need no clean slate.

The boy who hides from noises
As fire bells blare
Kids at school laugh
Who refuse to care.

The girl with a dog
To prevent a breakdown
Gets pestered by strangers
Who don't care if she melts down.

The man in the chair
Whose wheels squeak.
Earns odd looks
Week after week.

The man on the corner
His companion a cat.
Stands and waits
But gets bludgeoned by prats.

The single parent
Who makes it to work.
While others complain
About their self worth.

The kids at school
Too poor to eat.
Each day in P.E.
Sits on a bleacher seat.

The rare stray pet
Thin and broken.
Gets kicked to the curb
And hopes for food to be stolen.

A lonely old man
All by his lonesome
Had no family
Or people to love him.

The person who struggles
With mental demons
Is ignored by all
And labeled a creton.

The one addicted
To drink or drug.
Is left abandoned
With only themselves to hug.

The child who digs
One dumpster a day
Is cursed at or yelled
Even chased away.

The person who finally
Exits he closet
Is shoved back inside
While somebody locks it.

Those who once served
Beaten and bruised
Are shoved aside
By those who've never worn combat boots.

Each day it begins
It only grows worse.
Why do we do it?
It's humanity's curse.

To belittle
And beat
Kick claw
And cheat

At school or at home
The corners and streets.
Our brains are puddles
Heads full of self needs.

Our eyes deflect
We don't interact.
Our expressions are blank
We're obsessed with social rank.

We poor guns at our heads
Sometimes ourselves
There's two triggers now
Are you overwhelmed?

Put on the safety
Set the weapon aside
Lock up the guns
And seal up your pride.

Bring flowers to graves
And those yet to die.
Quit with the sneers
And quit with the lies.

We were all put here
Down on this earth.
We've always been special
Ever since birth.

Yes it's true
We are unique
But society screams
No one just speaks.

While words fly
Like hornets that sting
The problem is
Who's even listening?

Slow down your thoughts
Ease up your minds
Hold on to each other
Just be kind.

We all come and go
But I promise one thing.
If we are not careful
Our dead souls won't sing.

So raise up your chins
Just look around
How can you help
Instead of tear down?

Give out a smile
A hug, a kiss.
Build up the world
Through one giant bliss

My message is done
It's your job to act
We can change how we think
There's power on that fact.

I leave you with this.
A simple promise:
Himanity's veins are colorless

Pick up those crayons
You've always known how
Color the lines
Show people how.

The world is pretty
When it's in bloom.
So paint the skies.
The sun.

The moon.

The author's comments:

Most of these are things I've observed. I wanted to draw light on some issues and things I've taken notice of. The world needs change. And we can have a voice in it.

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