Who I am

November 29, 2017
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I am
A daughter
A neice
A friend
A stepdaughter
A sister
A grandchild
A cousin
A best friend
I am the daughter of a biological father
Who raised a hand to his offspring for being too loud
Too annoying
Too bad
I am the niece of a woman who yells
Just to hear the sound of her own voice
I was the friend of an innocent girl
Who had to fight for her life
And lost
I wasn’t there for her
I forgot her
She is no more
I am also a friend to those
Who are fighting with the pain
That is building
In their souls
I am one of them
But I am also
A stepdaughter to
A man who took my mother as his wife
Who took my brother as his son
Who took me as his daughter
Who raised us as his own
Despite our past
I am sister
To two amazing children
Two children that look to me
For reassurance
A strong shoulder to cry on
For love
I am grandchild to a woman who
Bakes warm cookies
That she can never eat due to allergies
A woman who has crows feet at the corners of her eyes
From years of constantly smiling
Even in the worst of situations
I am cousin to
So many that I have lost count
I am best friend to a boy who
Despite his better judgment
Chose to talk to me
That first day on the playground
But I am also
I don’t know who I am yet
And that is ok
I am ok

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