Queendom of Insanity

November 28, 2017
By Anonymous

Drip. Drip.
Water leaks from the ceiling
echoing off the dungeon walls
vibrating my numb feelings.

Tap. Tap.
My chipped nails connect with stone,
adding to the madding noise
and tearing through my anguished moans.

Crack! Crack!
My heart fractures into a million pieces.
I have lost everything,
and my queenly reign ceases.

Snap! Snap!
My bloodshot eyes have trouble focusing.
My breaths come out quick and shallow.
The lethal voices in my head are molding.

Pop! Pop!
I jump at the slightest sounds.
I am a paranoid mess
just like when I had worn my crooked crown!

Boom! Boom!
I still hear their cannons firing
and see my flags burn in tall flames
from the work of the rebels’ conspiring.

Bang! Bang!
My ears still ring
from the sound of the musket
that gave me a leg injury.

Clink! Clink!
Goes the short chain
that’s wrapped tightly around my ankle
in a futile attempt to keep me restrained.

Ha! Ha!
I laugh at the world,
at the painful irony
that I am a lost girl.

Tick. Tick.
Time passes by in a blur,
as I plot my escape
with a new resolve that won’t deter.

Thump! Thump!
Will be the sound the guards’ dead weight
when I wreak havoc out of this prison
to reclaim my throne and my state.

Squish! Squish!
I will defeat my enemies,
take back what’s mine,
and reestablish my legacy!

Hush. Hush.
I will silence the insurgency
and rule once more with an iron fist.

This land is and will always be my Queendom of insanity.

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