November 28, 2017
By GDavis BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
GDavis BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Mother how are you?
Shining beautifully
But your radiance seems to have a timer
A switch
Automatically changing drastically
Mother today, someone else tomorrow
Confliction caused by your confusion
Crying internally when your babys' cry externally
But you only want to help you
You first
Them second or always last
Like the sun
Everything revolves around you Dear,
How are you today mother?
Crumbling like your tech tonic plates have moved too close and are rubbing together
Causing havoc with yourself and the
You bring down to their knees
To obey you and bless every sneeze
How are you mother?
Since you are reigning supreme
What about the others mama
Can we have the same radiance as you?
Can we shine and have the attention of those that you seem to
Master Mother, Queen Mother is you.
Perhaps We've always been slaves to you.
Mother Earth

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