Mind of a Dancer

November 23, 2017
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Behind the shielding curtain
My name rings throughout the air
My body is poised although my mind, uncertain

Donning an ornamented gown and perfectly pulled back hair
I make my way to center stage and softly take my mark
In still anticipation, I am caught in the audiences stare

As the stage lights glaze my eyes, I am no longer in the dark
The classical melody, promoting notes of grace
My movement begins as my back forms an arc

Reminding myself to maintain an artistic face
My progression is exact as my feet float across the stage
I begin to turn faster and faster as the music builds at a steady pace

The emotion through my body moves like music on a page
I am lost in the creativity through my body, mind, and soul
I courteously bow and make my way backstage

The exhilaration is electrifying, and all such doubt has been removed

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