She deals with it all

November 28, 2017
By nelsonday99 BRONZE, Cranston, Rhode Island
nelsonday99 BRONZE, Cranston, Rhode Island
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I just hate how this is all because of me.
Coming from a messed-up home and a worse family,
Or perhaps it's because of my overbearing mother.
Causing all these problems and kicking out my older brother.
I was sent away to live with someone else's father.
Best three months ever I was left alone not bothered,
But I had to come back so I write away the pain.
A little blue journal with a small blood stain
Is where I write to keep from going insane,
And it seems like I get happier with every finished page.
Few filled with hope and love the others filled with rage.
The strict, religious mother, the worst person in the house
But at least she is her and she didn’t walk out
That’s more than I can say him
Him coming back? Chances are slim but
My story is not over I will go the extra mile
You are now one of the pages that make me smile

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