A House is not a Home

November 8, 2017
By afendley BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
afendley BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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house is not a home, as one may claim
Because love can’t be captured on a shelf or a frame
A house is a building where a person can stay
They’ll rest there at night and be gone in the day
And to me home is not just a roof above my head
Or four walls closing in
Or the warmth of my bed
Home is the feeling deep down in my chest,
Where I can put all of my troubles at rest.
And most of all home is being wrapped around the arm
Of a person I know will not ever cause me harm.
A house can be filled with burdens and pain
It’s the secrets and shame that you can never explain.
A house will betray you and put you in the wrong direction,
When a home cannot wrong you and will provide great protection.
A house, it can haunt you and hold onto the past
But a home gives you comfort and freedom at last.

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