The Bat

November 8, 2017
By GinnyT. BRONZE, Metaire, Louisiana
GinnyT. BRONZE, Metaire, Louisiana
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Once upon a time on a rainy night, a family was wet and full of fright.
They spotted a cave and it gave them delight. They went inside to start a fire.
When the fire began to ignite,
The bat screeched, “Never light!”

The bat did not make the family feel alright.
This led to a big fight.
The family tried to politely asked if they could ignite a fire to dry their attire.
The bat screeched in return, “Never light!”

The family continued to shiver as their skin began to whither.
The bat rest upside down not making a sound.
The family thought he was asleep because he was not making a peep.
They desperately wanted light so they could have some sight.

Again, the family tried to build another fire quickly and quietly,
and this time they did not as politely
As soon as the fire began to ignite,
The bat screeched again, “Never light!”

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