Wilted Flowers

November 21, 2017
By Victoria Macklai BRONZE, Plantation, Florida
Victoria Macklai BRONZE, Plantation, Florida
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I didn’t hurt him that badly;

She left me with a black eye
because men don’t feel any pain.

And I’ve never felt more hurt in my life.
They are emotionless,

But it wasn’t just physical,
like statues on a liquid black night;

it was excruciating, mental pain.
I might have drank too much.

She came home drunk one night
But there was no denial,

And accused me of the absolute worst;
he smelled like yellow daisies

of being unfaithful
and I reeked of black roses.

But how loyal was she?
I was laid off from my job

Her friends told me she ditched work
He was in the way

And next thing I know she’s in front of me
And I did some things I sort of regret.

Throwing an unforgiving punch my way
Bailey saw our fight

I cried harder when I saw our daughter
The waterfall of tears distressed me

Looking up at us, sobbing
How did I let this come so far?

How did we even get to this point?
To let my anger become me

I should have noticed the signs earlier
I left a note on the front door

The next morning I found her note
And signed it with smudged lipstick

That she kissed with trembling lips


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