Lucy Oh Lucy

November 16, 2017
By maggie224 BRONZE, San Jose, California
maggie224 BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Anger and pain
It boils inside me like
A strike of lightning racing
Across the sky

It's an emotion that I face everyday
It runs through my veins as fast
As a  lion can hunt an antelope
It can happen at any point

Like when I think of you
Or of the uncle I lost too soon
Or when I think of the aunt I'm going to lose

I pray to god that you , you aunt Lucy won't go
You won't loose
That you will spare me of more anger and pain
And maybe that's selfish
But I'm selfish

I don't want that anger, pain, hatred and disappointment
I don't want you gone
I want you here safe and sound

But we don't get what we want
Instead I get more anger and pain
You aunt Lucy may still be here
But that doesn't stop my pain or my anger
That is just the beginning

I feel anger towards God, for putting
That fluid in your chest
For giving you that oh so horrible tumor
For taking my favorite uncle away
My heart aches for him, you and for myself

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