(confessional poem)Love

November 16, 2017
By lilshorty BRONZE, San Jose, California
lilshorty BRONZE, San Jose, California
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We heard this word before, 
“Love,” but what would it mean?

Some say it’s good, but it takes
Your heart and tears it apart
Torn into pieces, torn into bits
Some of the pieces wouldn't
Even be fixed because it’s too
Broken into bits, I should stop
Trying before I get more broken apart

“Love”: it’s just a word right?
Or a feeling?
Love is just a thing everyone gets
Butterflies to it, then it disappears
Within a flash or a wind. I act like
I’m not in pain, but in reality
I can’t take it any more

The author's comments:

what inspired me to write this poem was my creative writing teacher since we were doing confessional poems which we can confess something that we feel and I felt like I would write a poem about love and my experiance on it. I hope that people will get from it is that love is a good feeling by bad at times. 

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