November 16, 2017
By Nazarae BRONZE, San Jose, California
Nazarae BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Full of empathy

But I have no sympathy

Loving so freely
Holding so tightly

Clinging onto that high
Letting go of that addiction

Living my life
But, I don’t make the decisions

I see
Yet I’m blind

I’m breathing
But I choke on oxygen

Suffocating on you
Breathing you in

I see nothing but the stars
Yet I’m afraid of the dark

I don’t know what to say
But , I have so much to express

You're the light
To my  pink , purple , blue , orange fading sun

You mask my hatred towards everything
For I’m the sugar and spice to your milk and honey
And you my bitter cough medicine forced upon me
For I love each and every painful memory

The author's comments:

I needed to express myself in the best way I , and that was in writing.

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