Anyone but yourself

November 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Short hair reveals bone structure,
While long hair would hide your face,
A waste of young skin.

A slouch is unattractive, dear.
Stand tall, be proud of who you are
An arch on your back means a confident person.
Pretend like you didn’t spend your life sleeping on the couch.
As long as they don’t see past the kitchen,
You can tell them you have your own room.

We live simply, and have only what we need
So let this bottle of trickery last longer than the curtains I made
Vanilla and Lavender
You’ll smell like you don’t live here.

There’s not a lot in this home,
But no one visits anyways.
So when you walk outside,
Do your best to show everyone who we are
Or who we would like to be.

This means wearing the white dress I sewed.
The only one with sequins along the trim of the neck.
Polishing those shoes until they look slippery,
And wearing a smile that disguises the blue under your eyes

Prove to them that a poor girl can still wear their shoes nicely
Even though they’re your sister’s hand-me-downs

Don’t thank me,
Thank your ancestors for giving you blue eyes.
If only they had blond hair.
I will give you all I can
But it’s your decision if you choose to wither away.

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