Talking to depression

November 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Language in the real world - Depression
The deeper they breathe you, a home you make
Deep within their soul a hole you make
You silence them within themselves
Where no one can reach them anymore
A house with no windows
A house with no doors
Only walls that reach up to the sky
And blackness within, they are blind
they scream, they cry, they beg, they try
The voices in their head don't lie
No one understands their life
No one cares to understand
they don't understand anymore
Why right is wrong and wrong is right
What white is black and black is white
their mind escapes a million miles
A place where it can mend
A time when laughter followed them like a comforting friend
they rest their mind
they rest their case
At rest is now Their mind at least

The author's comments:

In this piece instead of talking about depression, i choose to talk to depression.

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