The Thorns

November 2, 2017

My heart is fragile
But I trusted you
You had my heart
In the palm of your hand

You learned how vulnerable it was
And manipulated my heart
Into thinking that I loved you
You were a monster

I was blind to what you called love
You planted a rose in my heart
I only saw the beauty of it
I ignored the thorns

The thorns grew deep
My heart ached with each thorn that grew
But I was still distracted by the alluring rose
Until one day it died

The beauty of it was gone but the thorns stayed
They stayed for what it seemed like forever
You were gone and you left my heart
Bleeding on the ground all crushed

Each day I removed a thorn
The thorns seemed endless
Until there were no more
They were gone

Scars covered my heart
Some biggers than others
I was scared to love again
I now hold my heart close to my chest

Regret fills each scar
As they all slowly fade away
Its too late to turn back
And to soon to go on

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