Broken Silence

November 1, 2017
By Anonymous

His voice trailed off as her little eyes forsake her of the reality that she was facing
The footsteps died away as well as her love, it fell silent
Under the light she stood alone as her heart shattered and her tears hit the floor
She knew he was unfaithful, The silence lasted for that night and then on
She would lay in bed reminiscing the touch of his hand and the feeling lingered in the back of her mind and the thud of his heart she thought she held
The only thing that was found on her pillow case was the millions of tears she had shed, as she rolled over and faced the wall as she lay there silent
Broken, a minute passed and another in the midst of the night the shot was sounded, the silence fell on the room
Gone the broken soul lie there in the puddle of tears and the silence lasted

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