November 1, 2017
By Erikw99 BRONZE, Spokane, Missouri
Erikw99 BRONZE, Spokane, Missouri
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Always feels like no-one cares
Because of reasons I don't know
Causing me to be scared
Damn I feel hollow
Everyday I live by the second
Following my mind to dark places
Growing up makes me feel threatened
Having to make constant changes
I hate myself
Just because I let myself go
Knowing its me and no-one else
Letting myself go cold
Move on
Now they say time heals all
Openly admitting I can't seem to wait
Purposely dying like trees in the fall
Quit it all today
Remembered with I was a kid
Simple times
Things didn't seem to matter
Until I didn't have a bed time
Vivid memories of times that were blacker
When she left and nothing could get better
Xpessally since i didn't say bye
You thought of going casper
Zippos and cigarettes for the pain after


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