Drug of Fear

November 14, 2017
By Mickey18 BRONZE, Oroville , California
Mickey18 BRONZE, Oroville , California
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This deep dark feeling in my soul is overwhelming me

Its like a deep dark drug

That releasing its venom

Deep into my soul

Into my blood

It streams through my veins

It fills my eyes of pain and sorrow

My heart of death

It shows every crack of pain in my soul

It opens my wounds like a door to see through them

The memories rush in

And the tears stream down

It's this fear that controls your every since of life

You never forget the emptiness of your soul

You never forget the feeling of death in your heart

In every breath you want everything to stop

To just release the pain

To scream

To have someone hear you through the silence

Through the fear and death in your eyes

The cold bitter nub feeling

Strips you raw to the core

You're paralyzed to the trembling beast inside

It rattles your soul

It taunts you with your hopes and dreams

You're trying to hold in your pain

You're trying to hold in your fear but it's just so much to bear

You can't stand the fact you're not strong enough

The blood drips down with no feeling attached to it  

The tears flow like every blow

Like every strike of your soul

You can't forget

The pain and sorrow of the past that lingers inside

The fear running through your vains

You try to fight it

You want it to all stop

You want to forget it all

You regret so many things

The fear takes control

The death sinks in

And it seams like no rescue from it all

The deadly feeling enters your heart

You start to give up on fighting

And you embrace the fear

You want to fight

But the deadly drug takes you

The blood reminds you of what was

And the tears remind you of the painful sting

The only thing left is to Live

To try

To fight


Let the drug

And fear

Take you

To die

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this as an outlet to people who are going through pain, sorrow, and lonlyness. That you guys are not alone; I feel the same way you do. I hurt, I cry, I feel invisable, I feel lonly, I feel un-wanted, and not want to keep going. I understand the feeling of sadness and depression. This world brigs out the pain and sorrow of life. Its like we're in a big fishbowl and all we can see is death and distruction, pain and sorrow, and death in one's soul. But there is hope, because all thats left is to live...to try, to fight, to have hope. Don't let this world bring you down, Don't let this world bring you to there drug of fear and pain of life. When you think everything is gone with no hope and you want to end it all, prove them wrong; that you have the strength to breathe and live for another day.  

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