Broken Ties

November 13, 2017
By Caleb.McBrearety BRONZE, Jefferson City, Missouri
Caleb.McBrearety BRONZE, Jefferson City, Missouri
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"Each day is a gift. So live it like you wont live it twice."

When the sky’s,
Turn to grey
All our ties,
Break away

We’re tied together,
But we’re falling away
The rope’s been severed,
Now today’s the day

I can’t shake the feeling,
That my heart’s of lead
Because I know what’s coming,
Tears will be shed

I miss you already,
Though you are not gone
I just wasn’t ready,
To be left all alone

It feels like centuries,
Since I’ve seen you last
Happiness is a remedy
But it seems that has,
Swept on past

The author's comments:

this is truth

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