The Crazy Golf Cart

November 13, 2017
By Anonymous

Have you ever just had a day that nothing went right? When I went camping with my cousin and aunt in Florida nothing went good but I still had a amazing time. It started off good and we rented a golf cart. This is where it all started.
When we got the golf cart, we drove this thing everywhere. We even went off roading with it. The first two nights went good. Then on the third night, the air was warm and muggy so we went out to  drive the cart and I was on the back my cousin and aunt were in the front. We had the cart maxed out and was doing circles. Then I thought “hmmmm, maybe its a good idea to jump off while it's moving.”
I jumped off and when I hit the ground I knew it was a bad idea. The sound of the moving golf cart kept getting farther and farther away. The ground never felt so hard. I rolled like three times and got back up. Now my aunt and cousin didn’t know I jumped off so they kept going. So I had to get up and start running towards the cart. I thought to myself “didn’t think the golf cart moved that fast." Finally they saw that I was off and they slammed the brakes. Then I ran right into the back of the golf cart. My cousin said “ Well that's one to remember.”
The best part was nobody got hurt, it was fun and in the end everyone had a great time and the lesson I learned was do not jump off a golf cart until its to a complete stop.

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