Meeting My Sister

October 30, 2017
By Arian123 BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
Arian123 BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
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On a bright sunny morning I woke up and heard
“I’m your sister, my name’s Eva”
I didn't say a word
Short blonde hair, blue eyes, quite short
She looked kind of fit, she played a couple sports
And oh my her style I loved it, very cute
Black legging, a sweater, adorable boots
I was very confused and puzzled and shook
I look up and there she stands giving me that look
That mad look, that jealous look, the one full of greed
But then I stand up and her face I can’t read
She kinda looked happy she kinda looked sad
she kinda looked nervous she kinda looked mad
I only said “hi.” and then I walked past
I went to the kitchen, I walked really fast
“What do I say, what do I do?” all of these thoughts, they all ran through.
They ran through my head, my body, my mind
But then I came to a conclusion, I have to be kind
C’mon she's my sister, my family, my blood
But then we were fighting, next was a big thud
We brawled we yelled we hated each other
I just couldn't stand her so I went to my mother
I ranted I yelled I let it all out
But that's just when it started to go south,
I was forced to apologize, I didn't really mean it
I wanted to get away I just wanted to quit.
I didn't want a little sister
I hated her guts, she was annoying, and spoiled
She was a pain in my butt
But thankfully she left
It would’ve only got worse
But the very next day she came back, and was very adverse
We fought once again and I wasn’t surprised
“You should stay away from me.” that I strongly advised
We hated each other for 2 years in a row
We couldn't stand one another, I wanted to go
I wanted to leave go back to the start
When I didn't know her,  I felt that with all of my heart
But once she turned ten she came to her senses
She finally shut up and she tore down the fences
She didn't fight any more, she became more mature
She smartened herself up and gave me some space
I felt that once in my life it wasn’t a race
I was very relieved, we could walk to the base
There was no more fighting, bickering and more
There was only tv watching, and shopping galore
But like every little sister, she can get on my nerves
But that’s what they do, that’s what little sisters are for

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