Where I'm From

November 1, 2017
By mcconnellm SILVER, Ozark, Missouri
mcconnellm SILVER, Ozark, Missouri
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I'm from rocky, road driveways

where the road would all collapse 

when a tornado hits.


I'm from a family where

getting cavities is not okay,

but making sweets is.


I'm from a family where

the house has to be clean



I'm from the 90's

where Shania Twain 

was a big hit.


I'm from driving down a 

bouncy road and living

just three minutes away from a yucky creek.


I'm from riding my

red and blue bike

every day after school.


I'm from eating cottage cheese

on saltines for lunch.


I'm from a big

white and blue swing set

in my front yard.


I'm from slip and slides

along with water gun

fights every summer night.


And I'm from a small,

white house surrounded by lots of dangling trees. 

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