The History of Puerto Rico

November 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Christopher Columbus took his second voyage
November 19, 1493
He landed on an island
Decided to name it San Juan Bautista
Every man was filled with excitement
They were smiling, laughing, and celebrating
Hurray they shouted
Hurray, Hurray. Hurray!

December 10, 1898
Representatives signed the Treaty of Paris
To end Spain -American war
And to cede was is know known as Puerto Rico
To the United States

Population grew to about 64,000 people
Puerto Rico is known for its beauty, and tourism
There attractions are breathtaking
Old San Juan, Flamenco Beach, El Yunque
Nothing can come close

Slowly everything started to change
Hurricane Maria, then Hurricane Irma
Devastation all over Puerto Rico
Floods, rain coming down sideways
Wind, gusting with power through all of Puerto Rico
Trees, hear them cracking and breaking
NO electricity
NO food
NO water
Family’s have no way to reach out
People's houses are gon

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