Behind Deceiving Eyes

November 11, 2017
By Featherfly12 BRONZE, Eagle, Colorado
Featherfly12 BRONZE, Eagle, Colorado
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The racist cloaks his loathing thoughts
behind deceiving eyes
Those men who once wore hoods and robes
Today wear shirts and ties

The man hides his true intentions
Behind deceiving eyes
He once accepted those who are different
But now he lies

The girl sees her father hide
Behind deceiving eyes
Discriminating, hurting, bullying
Forcing her to hear the cries

Every day we hide
Behind deceiving eyes
We think we are equal
But we only tell the government's lies

When will we stop hiding
Behind deceiving eyes
Standing up against the fascists and racists
That call themselves “wise”

But in reality, we all hide
Behind deceiving eyes
Hoping, dreaming, wishing, failing
Behind deceiving eyes

The author's comments:

Inspired by todays cruel and unjust world that treats peoples imperfections as a disease that needs curing. I think that those imperfections make us perfect and they make us unique.

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