Angel is you!

November 11, 2017
By lucy_bethanyxox BRONZE, Grays, Other
lucy_bethanyxox BRONZE, Grays, Other
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I have only just met you,

It was one of the happiest days of my life

It felt like I bumped into an angel,

A handsome, gentle angel from Heaven

You're like a glass of fresh. spring water in a dry, unhabitable desert,

I think your parents are thieves

They stole the all the stars in the night sky,

And placed them in your eyes.


I have never felt so in love before,

I just love your smile

It makes my heart sink and flatten,

I wish you feel the same way about me

It feels like I have found my Romeo,

Everyone has their love story

Have I found mine?

The author's comments:

The inspiration for this love poem came to me when I first saw my boyfriend who I have been with for nearly two yers now. He became the love of my life from the first time we talked. I never really believed love at first sight but when I saw him it felt he was the meaning of the phrase. It feels like I'm living in a fairy-tale.

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