Rain on the Driveway

November 7, 2017
By FanGirl29 GOLD, Severn, Maryland
FanGirl29 GOLD, Severn, Maryland
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The steady stream of rain,
Pleases my ears,
As soft music plays.
The streetlamp reflects,
The puddles on the cement.
From my comfy perch,
In my warm fleece,
I see the rain river running down the road,
Carrying the colorful leaves to the drain,
At the end of the sidewalk.
If I squint my eyes,
The dark grass looks like the ocean,
The little tree a great tidal wave,
About to crash onto the grey beach.
The light of the eight-foot moon,
Bathing the beach in a divine glow,
As the rainstorm carries on.
The music fades,
My eyes close in exhaustion,
As I float down the rain river,
And into the warm darkness. 

The author's comments:

The bliss of watching rain at night. The little moments of confortable quiet are amoung the things I crave the most. 

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