Bullying is Erosion

November 6, 2017
By JackG. BRONZE, Park City, Utah
JackG. BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Bullying is erosion
Chipping away day by day
Getting deeper every time
Until the victim goes away
No way to stop it on your own
Only as a community
An estimated 200 million people getting bullied
Around the world every day
Getting worse every time it happens
Feeling like relentless, ceaseless pain
But there’s still hope
What’s missing can be restored
You can heal
As long as you get out of the door.
Get some help from a friend
Or two or three or four
And once you beat this bully threat
You can spread your wings and soar
So don’t give up
Don’t take your own life
There are always more options than just self-sacrifice
If you feel like there’s nowhere left to go
And you think you hit a dead end
Ask for help from your family and friends
And help they shall send
And if someone chooses to stay silent
Whilst getting taunted through and through
Don’t be afraid to stand up for the bullied
Because one day you might need someone to stand up for you

The author's comments:

The statistic stating that an estimated 200 million people get bullied around the world was taken from prevnet.ca at this URL: http://www.prevnet.ca/sites/prevnet.ca/files/fact-sheet/PREVNet-SAMHSA-Factsheet-Age-Trends-in-the-Prevalence-of-Bullying.pdf

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