Lonely Soul

November 6, 2017
By C.Tate BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
C.Tate BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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I grew up independent. No father to show and always stressing on how im suppose to be living. Mother struggling on her own, so all the attitude she was building. Years went by then finally someone for her. After awhile she switched up and started acting different. He hated me because my attitude, i stayed kick out of school at home running up the electricity and eating all the food. They kicked me out and moved 

I was 14 all Alone I had Nowhere To Go sleeping in abando's and bus shuttles calling it home washing up in checkers bathroom without no soap , my best friend Mike used beg for change no pride at all he just wanted some food that's all, below 6 Outside i didn't have no draws, no coats no clothes Shivering cold snot running out my nose

Turned to demon on the lows we start robbing everybody , Running into People Homes The whole neighborhood Labeled us And wanted us gone .

One December Evening Gmc Cruised Up Slow , Automatics Weapons To Are Face We all Was Froze Told Us Jump In or Are Life Was Gone . They took Us into a unknown Home Beat Us with poles , Whip us with switches, Putting Cigars out On are Clothes, Broke my hands And my toes i Couldn't Take No Mo , i knew my life was gone, slowly my eyes closed . I woke up back in the cold , without no clothes and blooding rushing from my head into the Snow .

3 weeks Later i was Released from the hospital and half way recovered I was mentally dramatized about the situation, The Investigators Found Out we All was Homeless and sent Me away To boys home in westland . What Happen Made A Better Man And Never want Rob or Steal Again

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Real Life Event

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