what do u want to be when you grow up?

October 27, 2017
By Lszulim SILVER, Woodbury, Minnesota
Lszulim SILVER, Woodbury, Minnesota
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kids are asked what they want to be when we grow
The answers they get wear always Cops or doctors
But you'd come across these kids who hid inside wanting to die who just hope to stay alive
The kids who'd rather drink
Than have to think
Kids who couldn't sleep
So they'd take another pill
Wanting the thrill
Of feeling something.
Cause we felt nothing.
Remember these are the kids
Who've been
Beaten broken and bruised
Always abused
Always used.
The kids who don't know what love
Is like.
The kids who don't know what a hug feels like. So they'd pack up there bag and run away.
Just trying to get away
From these people who just keep hurting them
But not wanting to turn them in.
So we kept grabbing our stuff and going
Not really knowing
Why we let them do this to us
People see us and are full of disgust.
Cause at the age of 12 we are supposed to know better than this
Wear not suppose to fall down the abyss.
But let me remind you
We are finding clues
To a better life

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