October 27, 2017

I still do remember
All the things you thought me
In lonely nights of December
Our memories haunt me

You just left without notice
But only one note did you leave
"Remember me." you wrote
I still remember you indeed

You looked so happy
And I had no reason to believe
That it is true when they say
"Looks can deceive."

Even thou I didn't know
Regret is still here
Why didn't I asked
If you were okay?

Why didn't I hugged you
When you hugged me
If i did that
Whould you still be here?

I look at the moon
And think about your face
We will se eachother soon
In a much better place

Maybe then I will hug you
The way you hugged me too
I will tell you I'm sorry
And that I always remembered you.

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