Twist of a Dial

October 27, 2017
By Lia Claus GOLD, Harlingen, Texas
Lia Claus GOLD, Harlingen, Texas
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Hello friend

Haven't heard you in a while

And I know this distance between us doesn't compensate for every moment to mile

A ratio that gets smaller than my smile

Because life becomes a real mess at the twist of a dial


Days feel like weeks

And those are weeks I don't think about you

Or reminisce about us

What a bust

To not be able to trust the fact that you don't think about me as much as I think about you




Is it true?

Things are going really good down south

How are the things I don't know about?

Yea, I sence the amount of doubt

You're trying your best to fight

Hard enough to get that knockout


And me?


What about me?

I mean

I'm trying my hardest

Like the rest

To swim with the sharks in these infested waters

But at best, I can't help but sink

Like the City of Atlantis


I sometimes vanish.


Nonetheless, I keep swimming

Win or lose I'm still winning

With every day I wake up I create a new beginning

Performing, permitting, committing my life to this

Thinking that this is my God given gift

So it must be my life's meaning


Complete and not misleading.


Goodbye friend

I know it's been a while

I've been talking your ears off

And I thank you for listening to all of my trials

And I'm glad we could reconcile

Because life becomes a real mess at the twist of a dial

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