To Be

October 31, 2017
By Confuzzled_Alien BRONZE, Ellenwood, Georgia
Confuzzled_Alien BRONZE, Ellenwood, Georgia
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Be a Women
Be quiet
Bare children
Don't do politics
Look Good
Don't think
You're here to kiss men's feet

Be a Man
Lift weights
Don't cry
Don't be emotional
Don't paint
What's that? A Barbie?
Are you sure you're not a Kate?

What is this?
Where are we?
In the land of the free
We live with a fee
The toll is mysogony
Be anti-feminity
Stay in a certain vacinity
We can never be infinity
Being finite is our credibility
Don't show you're identity
It's taken as a criminality
A spoon fed fallacy
An old world's tallying
The conservative is cattling

Be black
Be ghetto
Don't read
Stop trying
You're literate? Such an Oreo
You can't help it

Be white
Don't breathe
Bare the weight of centuries
Wear leggings
Drink Starbucks
You don't deserve to have problems

What is this?
Where are we?
In the home of the brave
Still waiting to be free,
Being chained by how we see
To hate and never be
Fake authenticity
Forget common decency
Because it's only about me
Colors are conditioning
A deep root divisioning
To hid invisioned unity
Because color puts a tag on being free
So being human's a penalty
Being smart a color thing
And being me,
Labeled as something

So be a person
Be Brave
Stand for something
or you'll fall for anything
Look into hearts before you look outside
Be true and maybe we'll all survive

The author's comments:

I wrote how I felt being a person.

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