paper town

October 31, 2017
By SillyPandaGirly BRONZE, Mustang , Oklahoma
SillyPandaGirly BRONZE, Mustang , Oklahoma
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You and your paper heart

Are just so easy to tear apart

You and your pper heart

Have lived oh so long in the dark


Cause paper people are cut into shapes

They know what to say

To bring you to shame

And paper sould are only so strong

Doesn't take much

To burn us down


In this paper town you've lived your life

Know everything, just as if it were written down

You see these people in the crowd

Know all their faces are only drawn


Cause paper people are cut into their shapes

Each one so different but all the same

And paper souls, only so strong,

Doesn't take much

To burn you down

The author's comments:

originally was trying to make into lyrics but a poem seemed beter for this. send feedback please

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