October 25, 2017
By kimberly2002 BRONZE, Avon,CO , Colorado
kimberly2002 BRONZE, Avon,CO , Colorado
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People from different places come to America
They have different backgrounds and have different skin
But they are in America
They should be accepted even if their from Berlin

And yet we make fun of how they look
And call them names by their backgrounds
Because it's a little harder for them to read a book
And we look down on them and frown

Racism is a weird thing
Sometimes we don't even know what it is
Like Mr, King
And that dream of his

We shouldn't judge people
At any cost
Because their still people
Just a little lost

So the next time you see someone
Being made fun of because of their color or
Back ground
Don't keep walking and look down
Help and try to fix what has been done

People are people
And they have feeling too
People are people

The author's comments:

What i like about this peom is that is talks really possitive about racsim and its about how to stand up to someone when there are being racist to somone 

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