October 6, 2017
By wowitsdez GOLD, Pelham, Alabama
wowitsdez GOLD, Pelham, Alabama
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The craziest thing about getting cheated on is that you never blame the cheater for committing such an act. Unconsciously, you place the blame wherever you find it easiest to lay.

I blamed it on my weight, blamed it on the fact that maybe we didn’t go on enough dates. I blamed it on my sometimes overbearing personality and how we weren’t really destined, we just felt like we had to be. I blamed the sky for raining on Wednesday and the sun for shining too bright, and I blamed my pride for never allowing me to make it right after all the fights. I blamed my hair for not being straight and I blamed myself for never asking if you ate. I blamed the flowers for not growing in the concrete and I even blamed the stray black cat from across the street. I blamed your mother for not telling you to do better, I blamed your sisters for buying me that ugly Christmas sweater. I blamed the water in the rivers for running like they did, I blamed myself for ever thinking we could share a kid. I blamed myself for thinking we could ever eternalize with a ring and I blamed every girl for that you had a fling. I blamed the sky for being streaked with pink, red, and yellow before finally turning blue...Crazy how I never thought to blame you.

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