October 6, 2017
By Anonymous

Full of scars that you can not see
Did you really think that you didn’t hurt me
The hurt and pain you’ve caused me
Nothing can top the pause you made me take
The heart that is now broken that you kissed and let die
I knew it was love but what was it to you
What did you need from me
Why did you let me fall
Why didn’t you help me
Did I not mean anything to you
So now I grieve with what I have left
Don’t Fall down to your knees like you missed me
Let me soar; to the sky like I am a bird
Don't act like you heard me crying
I know you didn't care so spare me with a broken heart and let me be
All I can do is just say I love you
But spare me a broken heart and say I lost you
I will find my way; while you lay down; and pray that I'd stay
Buried with my broken heart
Let's fly away to soar in the sky to be free of all hate that will follow to our graves
I will find you; I will guide you
Follow me and be free
The past can be forgiven although it won't be forgotten
Cut the the ties that make you wanna stay
Come with me and I’ll make you brave.

The author's comments:

A boy broke a girls heart but she refuses to let him break her. She believes he has some good in her so she tries to help him.

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