Bigger Sky

October 6, 2017
By Anonymous

Look at sky, charcoal coloured.
Crevices in its forehead.
For a lightning has struk.
Not a single light ray beneath.

Looking at sides I find no edges.
No silver lining of these clouds.
Sky seems to have descended a bit,

probably the body is crooked.
Just another view in an yearbook?

Birds there are none.
Nothing seems flying.
Most flew & the weak remain.
Neither complete darkness nor complete light.

It rains; so unclear the sky is, so pure the rain is.
Impurity births Purity.
Now again I peek, its head lifted a bit.
Definitely a bit of streaking.

Finally the sky, ocean coloured.
Blue & wide.
The sun I can now easily find.
Not recovered truly & yet such light.
Sky birthed the sun.

History repeats.
This time possibly a treat.
Still walking, same as time passing.
Nice play I must say.

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